New Distribution Capabilities NDC is one of the biggest technological changes on the horizon for the travel industry - but many of our customers and clients are unsure how it will impact their business.  Unclear messaging, traditional global distribution challenges and disruption to workflows have made it difficult for the Australasian Industry to realise the commercial and customer benefits at stake.


Leveraging The Walshe Group's global relationships we launched

It is one platform that provides agents access to NDC and low-cost carrier content, integrated with their global distribution system.  It also adds ancillary sales and includes land product allowing agents to maximise their earning potential.

This white-label-style platform uses branding from the travel agency or travel management company (TMC) chain and curates the content towards the business outcomes desired.  The agency retains full control of their commercial contracts but with increased control of content to drive better outcomes.


The Walshe Group's NDC team has launched an industry leading agnostic selling platform.  It has enabled us to continue to be a leader across travel distribution.  The team has attended various airline's NDC launches across the Asia Pacific and connecting the travel trade in Australia & NZ with our Global partners.  The Walshe Group was able to tailor the tool specifically for the unique market conditions in Australia and the consolidated model.