ANA – All Nippon Airways celebrates its 70th Anniversary as an airline and 7 years of flying back to Australia

Objective: To celebrate both ANA’s 70th anniversary as an airline and 7 years since ANA resumed services to Australia.

Our Role:

  • Event coordination
  • MC
  • Trade relations
  • Invitations / RSVP coordination

Overview: ANA’s Sydney team hosted an event at Sydney International Airport for valued guests, including government officials and trade partners to help celebrate ANA’s achievements over the past 70 years. What started with 2 helicopters known as Nippon Helicopter & Aeroplane has become one of today’s leading international airlines, winning many awards along the way.

The team also celebrated the airline’s 7th anniversary of their resumption of services to Australia in December 2015.

Outcome: The event was a great success with an amazing turnout with more than 70 guests in attendance. ANA Australia, including all city office and airport staff were able to meet and mingle with guests. This was the first major event since Covid and a great opportunity to showcase ANA and promote the ANA vision, past, present, and future.