Anil Rodricks

Manager – Australia
Lufthansa Group


Anil has been in aviation and related fields for over 25 years he describes himself as a keen student of change and the adaptation that is required to stay relevant as a representative for world leading airline brands.

At the top of Anil’s portfolio is LUFTHANSA GROUP and he is actively engaged at the Group level in distribution technology and business development. New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a key driver for the world’s top airline and Anil is actively engaged with trade and airline partners to make a difference during this technological transition.

At The Walshe Group, Anil retains an involvement in an advisory capacity for Vistara – a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and India’s leading conglomerate, TATA.

Naturally, travel is high on Anil’s priorities, and he enjoys destinations rich in nature and culture. He is a sport fan but his favourite pastime is reading.