Nigel Bale

GM Partnership Services

+64 9 977 2279
+64 22 6197859

“We’ve been presented with an opportunity to reset, think more creatively and partner with new people, brands and technology.”


Nigel is the groups GM Partnership Services which allows him to explore new opportunities particularly with Airline Travel Technology.

His strengths come from seeking and engaging creative partnerships.  Nigel embrace’s change, but loves to use data to reinforce any decision in order to execute and achieve tangible results.

Understanding distribution across multiple markets and strong global relationships with some of the world’s leading travel brands have allowed him to develop the knack of creating and assessing when travel technology will have the biggest impact on customers.

With a background in travel consolidation and Airline representation in New Zealand, Australia and Asia, combined with his experience leading inbound tourism, both in our regions and beyond, this gives Nigel a wide scope for understanding tourism segments.