Connect – The Walshe Group’s proprietary CRM software:

Connecting our client's message to the travel trade has always been The Walshe Group's strength, but we needed a way to connect our extensive sales team and their actions alongside our digital communications and additional tools such as live events or competitions.  The goal was to create the most efficient and effective travel trade database in Australasia for our sales teams.

Out of the box customer relationship management (CRM) systems were not able to offer us the level of security required nor were they able to segment our portfolio of client information.  We wanted to create a tool each of our sales teams could use that allowed us to keep sales notes, ensure data security and silo the information from other parts of the business.


Enter Connect, The Walshe Group’s proprietary CRM system.  Connect is a mobile app each of our on-the-road-sales-teams can use prior and post each sales call.  Quick live information is available, while on the road or in the office, including past interactions with our service team, event attendance and engagement with campaigns.   Every action from our sales teams can be reported on and because Connect also drives our digital marketing and event and campaign software, it can also be combined to produce a 360 degree reporting view. 



More than 11,000 active agents now reside within Connect.  Our sales teams are more directly connected to each agency and individual agent, so their sales message can be tailored to their audience.  We have increased engagement in our digital marketing messaging (consistently 10% higher than the industry average) and can segment the industry in multiple ways, which makes our software more efficient and effective in targeting the right people.