There is a global desire to create tailored itineraries using localised insights so that travellers have sustainable travel experiences.  Travellers and the industry also realise that their travel spend needs to make it back to the communities they visit and want confirmation of this happening.



Leveraging a global relationship with Israeli Travel Technology firm Ollami, The Walshe Group's Technology services team formed a joint venture called  Connecting travel professionals from around the world to local operators of nature, culture and adventure style travel - using a single platform.


OUTCOME hosts nature, culture, and adventure-style itineraries in over 90 countries.  Every supplier is based in-destination, enabling small-scale operators to reach a global marketplace.  The true benefits of, is that travel professionals from the in-destination expert to the travel agent form one large community.


The bulk of our trips are highly customised, where the traveller or agent, can communicate with the in-destination experts to tailor a journey specifically to the client’s needs.  Examples include disability-based travel in Italy for travellers who were particularly adventurous, to a traveller who had a love of cats, who was able to be connected to specific breeders in Spain as part of her overall journey.


Ollami now focuses all its attention on the truly customised independent traveller and connecting their travel professional to the right in-destination partner.