The Walshe Group CEO, Jacqui Walshe, joined 54 fellow company leaders at Manly Cove Beach to play their part in what is a significant local and global issue.  

Take 3 for the Sea‘s CEO Clean Up is a unique event which encourages CEOs, directors and business owners to take time out of their busy schedules to clean up their local community while fundraising to support the organisation’s work to rid the world of plastic pollution through education and action. 

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Jacqui’s participation in the Take 3 for the Sea CEO Clean Up was not just an isolated representation of the company in environmental volunteer work. The Walshe Group has recently introduced a company policy which allows all our staff to take two paid days of leave a year to participate in similar voluntary service or voluntourism initiatives. 

Jacqui is particularly passionate about the positive role tourism can play in community and environment, especially around regenerative tourism. And having a company and people who ‘walk the walk’ is important.   

“These are the type of initiatives that we want to support and encourage all our staff to participate in. Hence the introduction of our new paid leave policy”   

The issue of plastics in our ocean is one which our company has a particular passion for.  

“We believe we have a responsibility in Australia and New Zealand to play a positive role in reducing plastics in our oceans. Not only from a local level perspective, but because of the connection we have via these oceans to the rest of the world, and in particular our Pacific neighbours.” 

The Walshe Group is proud to represent companies who are leaders in the tourism industry when it comes to environmental change. We are also proud of our own efforts including the highly recognised initiative with Sea Cleaners bringing youth ambassadors to Hawai‘i to focus on the issue of plastics in our oceans to educate and inspire future change.