Darragh Walshe

Senior Account Director


Darragh’s experience within the travel industry and The Walshe Group spans three decades. From a broad range of responsibilities and skills, Darragh’s journey has taken him through to a more specialised role within the Destinations Marketing team. The ‘perfect match’ is founded on Darragh’s love of delving deep into a destination and discovering its true character and culture.  

Darragh’s University education covered business management, information systems and marketing. Handy skills in the modern world of Destination Marketing. 

He is well respected in the travel industry, be it trade, industry stakeholders, media and airlines. The recipe of his success includes an understanding of his field and genuine intention to make a positive difference in the market – sprinkled with plenty of creativity and a touch of humour.     

Darragh is passionate about the experiential, cultural and environmental aspects of tourism and is always happy to recount his exploits by foot, bicycle and even by swim … courtesy of his passion for multisport  

The ocean is very important to Darragh, who has earned praise for his leading role in the development of a tourism exchange around the pressing environmental issue of plastics in our oceans.