Hawaii Tourism Oceania's Country Manager for Australia has sung the praises of travel agents in helping it communicate the value of the US Island State. Article by Travel Weekly.

Speaking to Travel Weekly at the 2018 Global Tourism Summit, Giselle Radulovic said that while online travel agencies have a decent share of the overall market, nothing beats the expertise and knowledge of a good travel agent.

“The face that 60 per cent of Australian travellers to Hawaii still book through a travel agent is a clear testament to that," she said.

While Radulovic acknowledged that the current currency exchange rate had weakened, she said HTO combats this by demonstrating the value and depth of experiences Hawaii has to offer.

“Australians love to travel, and there’s a lot of competition for where to go. We are competing with other destinations that are a little bit closer, like some of the islands and Southeast Asia, and they are more price-sensitive,” she said.

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