Karry On founder, Matt Leedham, flies All Nippon Airways service from  Haneda (Tokyo) to Sydney on their Dreamliner 787/9.

"Flying out of Tokyo Haneda airport instead of Narita is a game changing, stress free experience that was previously a 90 minute slog just to get to the airport.

So one minute I’m catching the efficient metro train from Tokyo’s CBD, and the next I’m zipping through Haneda Airport and checking in via the Business and Premium priority lane. Priority check in is a welcome feature that’s included with an ANA Premium Economy ticket.

Once you’re through customs, ANA Premium travellers get to relax in the impressive and very spacious ANA Lounge, which is a nice bonus too.

There are 21 seats in the Premium Economy cabin, which is set up in a 2-3-2 configuration.

The seat really is super comfy with plenty of legroom. ANA’s Premium Economy seat actually has the largest seat pitch of any premium airline product at an ache busting 38 inches – which is 17 per cent larger than the seats in economy..."

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