Karry On founder, Matt Leedham, flies All Nippon Airways service from Sydney to Haneda (Tokyo) in a four-week-old Dreamliner 787/9.

"The bowing and wide smiles begin the minute you walk into the ANA check in area at Sydney Airport. If you’re unaccustomed to this level of respectful service or you haven’t been to Japan before, get ready to be spoilt. 

Why? Because this is just the beginning of your being hailed a ‘grand master’of the likes you may never have experienced on a flight. It’s both lovely and at times a bit awkward. Do I bow back? I’m never quite sure.

Classic Japanese efficiency says you’ll be on your way in two minutes after checking in and sure enough I am zipping off to immigration in a heartbeat.

Business and Premium travellers can use the Air New Zealand Lounge before take off whilst Economy guests can explore Sydney Airport’s new sprawling labyrinth of shiny objects and goods that actually make it a pleasant experience these days.

Once onboard, there’s more respectful nodding, and after kicking off my shoes, I’m handed a glass of French champagne to settle me in to my seat for the 9.5 hour to Tokyo..."

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