The Walshe Group identified that there is demand for adhoc service support required by airline clients who have limited resource to cope with unexpected events or crises.  The Walshe Group set about creating ServicePoint, which is designed to deliver best in class support for the travel industry and Airline clients. ServicePoint can be swiftly activated to cope with a range of challenges and crises with proven experience and capability - from strikes to environmental issues - from volcanic ash disruption to the COIVID-19 pandemic.






The Walshe Group's VIP Service Team - ServicePoint provides the highest level of expert service to both the travel trade and airline customers.  ServicePoint is equipped with modern cloud-based telecommunications and software systems allowing our team to work remotely at a moments notice (even before COVID-19 restrictions came in place).  This offered our existing airline customers unparalleled levels of service, along with the ability to customise hours of service to assist clients in desperate need 24/7.


Matching and exceeding the technical expertise, is the knowledge and skill of our ServicePoint team, who have experience in navigating the volatility of border restrictions and policy changes that can change by the hour.  There have been many occasions where our team have assisted Airport check-in staff verify border control policy to facilitate client travel for customers who would have otherwise been stranded far from family.






While other carriers and travel operators had no choice but to be offline or reduce quality of service, all Walshe Group clients continued to operate without disruption.  Customer feedback and stories of Families reunited have been spread throughout airline client social media channels and directly through their networks, resulting in the ultimate form of brand loyalty.






· Interpreting policies, procedures, and guidelines for disrupt handling as advised by the Airline


· Flight cancellation notification processing with Customers and Travel Agents, facilitating new tickets sales and researching alternate carrier itinerary options  where necessary


· Reissue/rerouting of affected direct client’s documents


· Refunds processing through BSP Link, manual processing for unique cases


· Passengers/travel agents query emails and calls handling promptly


· Redressal of all complaints and related queries


· Trade training mechanisms to quickly educate the latest on disruption policy changes


· Repatriation and Charter flights assistance


· Trade EDM communication to Customers and Trade to update on flight disruptions