The Walshe Group DCT Abu Dhabi team are experts when it comes to implementing agent training initiatives for Abu Dhabi, including the very successful Australia roadshow which has received much acclaim amongst the local industry.


When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived at the start of 2020, the industry saw the cancellation of many tourism board events. But with trade relationships and education one of the most important roles of an in-market tourism board, the DCT Abu Dhabi team were quick to find a new, effective way to continue their trade education program.


The team created a three-part webinar series based on their three key messages - family travel, outdoor adventure and culture & tradition.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a huge focus on supporting local businesses in Australia and New Zealand and the DCT Abu Dhabi team decided to make this part of the initiative. At the end of each webinar the team conducted a Kahoot! quiz based on the presentation information and the top three travel agents were rewarded with a voucher for a local business of their choice.


The webinars were promoted through the trade media in Australia and New Zealand as well as through The Walshe Group trade database.


There was a significant amount of interest and engagement, and the webinar series proved so successful that it has been rolled out in other markets.