Introducing the Australian travel trade to AlUla and Saudi Arabia for the very first time.

Objective: To inspire the Australian travel trade to start to include and sell AlUla in their product range, without being able to visit the destination and scope it first-hand.


Our Role:

  • Event coordination
  • Travel trade relations and education


Overview: The Walshe Group was appointed to represent AlUla to the Australian travel trade in the middle of the pandemic.  AlUla is opening to international tourism for the very first time.  Without being able to travel to the destination, we needed to create launch events that inspired, educated, and connected the travel trade with the true essence of this ancient, yet to be discovered region.  We moved quickly and decisively to put the events in place, which enabled us to host rare face to face events in 2021.


Working to our very targeted strategy, through our deep knowledge of the travel trade we identified a select VIP guest list of industry personnel most likely to resonate with AlUla.  To foster a deeper connection with the destination, a specialist archaeologist with experience working in AlUla, was invited as guest speaker.  This emphasised our focus on trade education and destination awareness.  Each venue was very carefully themed, to re-create the spirit of Arabia, including the menu, décor, music and colour scheme…right down to the place cards in Arabic.




Both launch events were a tremendous success in revealing AlUla to the first time to our VIP guests.  Many attendees were captivated by the destination and the potential interest for their client bases and/or product line up.  Due to our targeted strategy, we have gained an anticipated return on investment at twenty times the cost of the events in secured departures within the first year of post-covid travel.