We are proud to be partnering Foodback in the New Zealand market. Foodback is very clever and effective and perfectly aligned to our Travel & Technology team. 

Foodback is a world-leading insights tool, designed for the food and beverage industry. It was inspired and developed in Norway to help businesses continually improve performance by providing data-driven customer insights and analytics. The company’s success has seen it expand to a number of new markets around the globe, including New Zealand where a partnership has recently been developed with The Walshe Group.

Foodback aligns with our Travel and Technology area within The Walshe Group, headed by Nigel Bale in our New Zealand office.
“In the Travel and Technology area of The Walshe Group we are always drawn to solutions that are smart, simple, and effective. And this epitomises Foodback. We love the company both for the cleverness of the Foodback product but also the culture and enterprising spirit of the people behind it.”

Foodback is based on the customer scanning a QR code during their visit, that allows them to rate their experience and provide internal feedback for the venue that is converted to well-presented and usable analytics. 
The Foodback portal also provides the functionality to complete Covid check-in, providing an additional prompt for customers.

The functionality and success of Foodback is founded on a high level of technical development as well as science gained by partnerships with experts in the field of F & B. This ensures the right match of questions, providing the most relevant and constructive insights for businesses to learn and improve. There are also additional elements such as a ‘spin & win’ functionality for the customer as well as a platform for advertisers.

Stian Løkling Pedersen, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of Foodback summarises the secret to the success of the company.
“Foodback is a rapidly growing scale-up in the food tech sector. Our goal is to unlock insight and identify hidden business opportunities for our customers, so that they can work data-driven and continuously improve. Today, we provide world-leading customer experience and feedback management software for the food and beverage industry, and strive to make a great products both our customers and their customers fall in love with.”

The Walshe Group is proud to be working with Foodback and developing partnerships with Food & Beverage customers in the New Zealand market

For more information contact:
Nigel Bale