​Check out Tara Milk Tea's guide to NYC based on some of the things she experienced on her recent trip.



As you can tell from the name, Chelsea Market is located in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan. Here you’ll find a huge range of fresh produce, restaurants and cafes all under one roof in a rustic style setting. The food hall has really become quite iconic and you can find some of the best and tastiest food here.

We ordered a lobsters roll set from Lobster Place, where you can find a wide range of fresh seafood. However there’s no seating here, only standing tables. After a walk along the high line and a visit to The Pint Shop we returned for Korean ramen and cuisine at Mokbar. The kimchi ramen and spicy tofu bowl were so delicious!




I’ve wanted to do this for years, but never had the chance due to the times I’ve always visited NYC (winter). My friend Patty and I had the best sushi/fruit/cheeseboard date in the park on a day with the best weather. We picked everything up from whole foods on the way in. If you’re a little too lazy to do it yourself, you can book a picnic to be set up for you by The Perfect Picnic. Find their Instagram here.

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