​Hosted by Australian marine conservationist Laura Wells, the newest Eco Traveller episode has now aired.

National Geographic and Hawaii Tourism Oceania have partnered to launch the latest addition to Eco Traveller - a global content series exploring the importance of responsible travel around the globe. Hosted by Australian marine conservationist Laura Wells, Eco Traveller Hawaii uncovers the inspiring people on the Island of Hawai’i that are working towards a better future for their island.

Harnessing the influence of National Geographic’s powerful voice to awaken people to change, this series speaks to the shared environmental and social mission between the two brands, shining a light on Hawaii’s forward-thinking approach to responsible tourism.

Eco Traveller Hawaii explores how we can become conscientious tourists and do our part to help tackle issues including climate change and marine debris in some of the most beautiful and naturally diverse destinations in the world.  

Julia Scales, Director of Advertising and Partnerships, National Geographic Australia says:

“Partnering with Hawaii Tourism to launch the latest addition to our Eco Traveller series was a natural fit for National Geographic, in that our purpose is to inspire action through powerful storytelling. Hawaii is at the absolute forefront of accessible and future-focused travel, so we wanted to highlight the tangible steps being taken on the Island of Hawai’i to improve attitudes toward tourism and interactions with the environment.”

Giselle Radulovic, Country Manager Australia for Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania says:

“Across the Hawaiian Islands, it is embedded in the culture to both protect and respect the environment. Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania supports this philosophy .Our partnership with National Geographic is a way to show Australians how they can create a positive impact while travelling through Hawai‘i.”

The Eco Traveller Hawaii episode is now available online, comprising one 10-minute episode showcasing the environmentally conscious travel practices being benchmarked in Hawaii to protect its diverse ecosystem; from towering waterfalls, rugged coastline and places of recent volcanic activity, to emerald valleys, white sand beaches, dense rainforests and places of historical significance to Hawaiian culture.

Watch the 30 second preview here