Melbourne's famous Hosier Lane has been given a modest makeover in recent days — among the skulls and bushrangers that decorate its walls is a new kind of street art portraying the horrors of war.

#FlandersFieldsStreet Art

Today, a striking street art mural depicting the personal impact of war was unveiled by VISITFLANDERS in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. The mural commemorates the Battle of Passchendaele in Belgium, 100 years ago.

ABC Australia's Karen Percy speaks to street artist Adrian Doyle; "Passchendaele was a really important battle for the war and it was a horrible battle," 

"It was dirty and cold and so to be able to do this mural down here in Hosier Lane maybe will give people an insight onto a battle which is less popular."

Over the past two days, Doyle and his team, with spray cans and brushes in hand, have transformed the 5-by-3-metre wall space. The mural features a lone soldier lying on a scarred battle field, representing the 475,000 soldiers who were killed or wounded during 100 days of fighting.

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