For November, visitation of Australians to the Hawaiian islands was up 4.2% in 2015 versus November 2014. We are still on track for another record setting year with 308,975 Australian visitors travelling January to November 2015 -  a year to date increase  of 9.8%.

Total visitor arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands in November 2015 set a new record for the month with 661,352 visitors, a 3.7 percent growth year-over-year compared to November 2014, according to preliminary statistics released today by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA). November marked the ninth straight month total visitor arrivals have surpassed the previous monthly records.

"November was the latest record setting month for visitor arrivals in a string of nine consecutive record setting months. What an amazing achievement for our visitor industry, especially for a mature travel destination like Hawaii coming off three consecutive record setting years", said George D. Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA).