As the winter cold sets in, Hawaii’s local tourism agency is launching a “job hunt” for someone with a sunny disposition to hand out traditional lei greetings to Aussie commuters.

Hawaii Tourism Oceania is offering the “Aloha Apprentice” $1000 for a day’s work handing out 500 leis later this month — and will throw in a four-day, $8000 trip to Hawaii for the successful applicant to take a cultural crash course beforehand.

“Presenting a lei greeting is a very important part of Hawaiian culture. It’s part of what aloha means,” said Giselle Radulovic, country manager for Hawaii Tourism Oceania. “It’s such a unique philosophy, you really need to go to Hawaii to experience it.”

Applicants for the role, which went live on jobs website Airtasker on Tuesday, must have a valid Australian passport and be available to travel to the US. The four-day “aloha immersion” trip will take place on May 18, followed by the lei greeting task on May 25.

The lei greeting task will take place in a major city CBD, depending on where the successful applicant is based.

“It will take a full day’s work, at least six or seven hours, that’s why we’re also paying them $1000 for their time,” she said.

Ms Radulovic said Airtasker was chosen because it was a “one-of-a-kind role and Airtasker is known as a platform where you can find people with a variety of unique skills”.

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