Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania has presented the visitor statistic results at the annual ‘Ohana update in Sydney to trade and industry partners. The 2018 visitor statistics show Oceania arrivals increased by 3.5% in 2018, bringing the total visitors to 409,133, the highest figure seen by the region to date.

Within the Oceania region, Australian visitor figures remained consistent year on year with 324,471 arrivals, reflecting the hard work and marketing initiatives of Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania.

Giselle Radulovic, Country Manager Australia for Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania said the team were pleased with the 2018 visitor statistics. “Never before has the Oceania region seen visitor arrivals to Hawai‘i exceed 400,000. This extremely positive result is setting up Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania for an even stronger year in 2019 as we continue to promote the diversity of experiences on each Hawaiian Island,” Ms Radulovic said.

The ‘Ohana update provides an opportunity for Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania to brief industry and trade partners on 2018 results and upcoming activities. Reflecting Hawai‘i’s consistent popularity for Australian travellers, the repeat visitor rate has remains high at 52.9%, ahead of other tourism regions travelling to Hawaii; Europe, Latin America, Taiwan, Korea and China.

The results highlight the importance of the Australian market for Hawai‘i’s tourism industry with an average length of stay of 9.74 days in 2018. “The long average length of stay for Australian travellers is indicative of the destination’s depth of experiences and appeal to our market. Australians are willing explorers and Hawai’i offers so many different activities, from beaches to water sports, road trips and helicopter tours over volcanoes,” Ms Radulovic said.

Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania also highlighted recent findings from their consumer market research, which showed the top brand perceptions of Hawai‘i for an Australian traveller.

Known well for its beaches, Hawai‘i’s outstanding nature and landscapes were the top perception of the Aloha state, followed by its’ suitability for family travel and appeal to couples. The consumer market research also showed that travel agents remain an integral booking channel when travellers are arranging a holiday to Hawai‘i.

To learn more, contact Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania or visit the Hawaii Tourism Authority website to view the 2018 December Visitor Statistics.