Airlink has announced the appointment of The Walshe Group to be their GSA in Australia and New Zealand.

Airlink has recently announced their decision to commence selling under their own “4Z” flight code to enable them to develop their network on an independent basis, having previously operated under a franchise agreement with South African Airways for many years. While SAA will remain as an Interline partner under a new commercial agreement, this change represents an important milestone in extending the commercial reach of Airlink.

The appointment of The Walshe Group will greatly enhance the Airlink brand awareness and sales distribution as well as offering a local point of contact to the Trade in Australia and New Zealand for all sales, reservations and ticketing enquiries.

Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster said “The change marks a new era in the long-standing commercial agreement with SAA. While SAA remains an important strategic pillar in Airlink’s strategy, the new arrangement gives the airline the freedom to extend its commercial reach, develop more routes and frequencies on an independent basis and extend or establish additional agreements with other leading international airlines.”

“We have the largest fleet of commercial jetliners in Southern Africa, which operate on 55 routes to 39 destinations in nine African countries.  Marketing and selling flights under our own 4Z code is an exciting development as we propagate our business and take advantage of new market opportunities while strengthening our vital partnership with SAA.” continued Mr Foster.

Jacqui Walshe, MD and Chairman of The Walshe Group said, “We are excited to have been chosen as the GSA for Airlink given our long term association and partnerships with the African travel industry in Australia and New Zealand.”

“The Walshe Group has been representing airlines for over 40 years and is able to call on the expertise of senior people in providing the strategic insights and intelligence to not only weather continuing shifts in the industry but facilitate the positioning of Airlink’s brand to not only increase awareness and sales for Airlink but to also benefit tourism in this region.” said Ms Walshe.

For Airlink trade enquiries there will be dedicated phone numbers and email address and Airlink CRS access and ticketing capability will follow shortly in both Australia and New Zealand.



Tel 1 300 211 382 toll free

(02) 4062 9271 Sydney local number



New Zealand

Tel 09 888 4053



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