Article by Angie Tomlinson of Seven West Travel Club & The West Australian

Gold-flecked coffee is just the start of a thoroughly gilded Arabian experience in Abu Dhabi.

‘You’ve got gold on your lips.” Pardon? There are just some things you never expect to hear. In a poppy-seed-in-the-teeth scenario, I have 24-carat gold flakes stuck to my lipstick courtesy of the Emirates Palace signature gold cappuccino.

This is Abu Dhabi, where skyscrapers glitter in the sun and victorious owners of camel beauty contests walk away with a brand-new SUV.

Despite this desert glitz, Abu Dhabi is a different proposition to its flashier, busier neighbour Dubai. It is presenting itself as a cultural centre, and given what has been achieved since the oil boom began in the 1960s, the UAE’s capital looks set to achieve its vision.

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